二维码 16


  1. Ten years had passed. I found she had _______.

  A. a few white hairs

  B. a little white hair

  C. some white hair

  D. more fifty hair

  2. I sometimes have no sense of ______ when I arrive at the crossroad.

  A. position

  B. direction

  C. situation

  D. condition

  3. The police are offering a __________to anyone who can give information about the lost key.

  A. price

  B. prize

  C. reward

  D. money

  4. I didn′t have to work all weekend. I did it by _______.

  A. chance

  B. choice

  C. accident

  D. myself

  5. “Did you get _____ to the party?” “Yes, I replied to it this morning.”

  A. an answer

  B. an invitation

  C. a question

  D. a letter


  1.答案是: A

  解析: hair 可用作可数或不可数名词,用作可数名词时,指一根一根的毛发或头发,如说 There′s a hair in my soup (我的汤里有根头发);用作不可数名词时,则是整体地指一个人的头发。

  2.答案是: B

  解析:需根据句意来分析。have no sense of direction 意为“没有方向感”。

  3. 答案是:C。


  4.答案是: B

  解析: 选B,由于上文说 didn′t have to work,所以下文相应的语境应是 did it by choice。

  5.答案是: B

  解析: 注意其后的 to the party 和 replied to it。

  Some historian say that the most important contribution of Dwight Eisenhower′s presidency (总统任期) in the 1950s was the U.S. interstate highway system. It was a massive project, easily surpassing the scale of such previous human __1__ as the Panama Canal. Eisenhower′s interstate highways __2__ the nation together in new ways and __3__ major economic growth by making commerce less __4__. Today, an information superhighway has been built-an electronic network that __5__ libraries, corporations, government agencies and individuals. This electronic superhighway is called the Internet, __6__ it is the backbone (主干) of the World Wide Web.

  The Internet had its __7__ in a 1969 U.S. Defense Department computer network called Arpanet, which __8__ Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. The Pentagon built the network for military contractors and universities doing military research to __9__ information. In 1983 the National Science Foundation (NSF), __10__ mission is to promote science, took over.

  This new NSF network attracted more and more institutional users, may of __11__ had their own internal networks. For example, most universities that __12__ the NSF network had intercampus computer networks. The NSF network then became a connector for thousands of other networks. __13__ a backbone system that interconnects networks, internet was a name that fit.

  So we can see that the Internet is the wired infrastructure (基础设施) on which web __14__ move. It began as a military communication system, which expanded into a government-funded __15__ research network.

  Today, the Internet is a user-financed system tying intuitions of many sorts together into an “information superhighway.”

  1. A. behaviors B. endeavors C. inventions D. Elements

  2. A. packed B. stuck C. suppressed D. bound

  3. A. facilitated B. modified C. mobilized D. terminated

  4. A. competitive B. comparative C. exclusive D. expensive

  5. A. merges B. connects C. relays D. unifies

  1. We ______ play on the town square when we were children.

  A. are used to B. were used to C. used to D. use to

  2. He ______ dangers that doesn′t exist.

  A. forever imagines B. is forever imagining

  C. imagines forever D. forever is imagining

  3. The point is worth ______.

  A. being mentioned B. mentioning C. to mention D. mentioned

  4. The firm decided after a board meeting that the old machinery in the factories ______ with.

  A. do away B. should be away C. should do away D. should be done away

  5. I got a headache. Otherwise I ______ to the lecture.

  A. would go B. would have gone C. went D. have

  6. It′s high time that the girl ______ sent to school.

  A. were B. was C. be D. is to be

  7. They have all got up, and ______.

  A. Jack has too B. so has Jack C. also has Jack D. Jack hasn′

  8. Never before that night ______ the extent of my own power.

  A. did I feel B. had I felt C. I had felt D. I did felt

  9. This depends on the purpose ______ the electronic device is used.

  A. on which B. at which C. where D. for which

  10. Jackson is not ______ as you imagine.

  A. so a big fool B. so big a fool C. such big a fool D. a such big fool

  11. It was when he took a job in a company ______ he began to learn English.

  A. when B. that C. which D. what

  12. It was president of the union ______ the students elected him.

  A. who B. whom C. which D. what

  13. Nancy is so poor that even fifty dollars ______ a big sum to her.

  A. is B. are C. add D. equal

  14. Truth and honesty ______ always best policy.

  A. are B. is C. have been D. be

  15. They found the conditions there ______.

  A. much improve B. much to improve

  C. much improved D. be much improved


  1. 答案:C

  解析:be used to do sth. = 过去常做什么事。由于句中有一个过去时间分句,所以应该选C。题意:孩提时,我们常在市镇广场上玩耍。

  2. 答案:B

  解析:现在进行时可以表示某种感情色彩,如赞扬、厌恶、埋怨等。这时,句中常出现表示频率的副词,如always、forever 等。根据本题空当前后内容以及四个选择项中都包括forever 一词判断,本句含有一种埋怨的感情色彩:他总是杞人忧天。因此排除A 和C。B 和D 区别在于副词的位置2016年同等学力申硕英语模拟题及答案2016年同等学力申硕英语模拟题及答案。表示频率的单个副词作状语应置于助动词与行为动词之间。因此B 为正确选择。

  3. 答案:B

  解析:worth 后一般接动名词,且动名词主动形式可表示被动意义,因此,此题正确选择为B。

  4. 答案:D

  解析:do away with 作“废除、去掉”解。根据题意,机器应被处理掉,因此do away with 应为被动式,由此得出正确选择D。题意为:公司在开完董事会后决定,工厂里的旧机器应该处理掉。

  5. 答案:

  解析:题中otherwise 为信号词,这意味着本句为虚拟句,类似的词或词组还有without 、but for 、but that 等。题意为:我当时头痛,否则我就会去听讲座了。

  6.解析:属于It′s high time that sb. did sth. 这一句型,先确定谓语动词是过去时,再考虑语态和主谓一致的问题。

  7. 答案:B


  8. 答案:B

  解析:表示否定意义的副词置于句首时,句子要求倒装。据此,可将C 和D 排除。A 和B 的区别在于时态。因为句中有时间状语before that night ,所以feel 这个动作在时间上属于“过去的过去”,动词应用过去完成时。据此,A 可排除,得出B 为正确选择。题意:在那晚之前我从未感到我的威力有多大。

  9. 答案:D

  解析:for a purpose 是固定搭配,意为“为了##目的”。所以从句中的关系代词which 前须有for。

  10. 答案:B

  解析:so … as … 和such … as… 作为连词,引导比较状语从句。如as 前为一可数名词并且有形容词修饰,so 后一般接形容词,such 后一般接不定冠词,如so big a problem, such a big problem ,据此,得出B 为正确选择。

  11. 答案:B

  解析:稍作分析,即可看出此题为一强调句,强调的部分为句子的状语。如强调句强调部分为状语,It′s … that … 结构中的that 不可用其他词代替。因此B 为正确选择。

  12. 答案:C

  解析:此题显然为一强调句,强调的部分为宾语补足语,在It is (was) that … 结构中,如强调的是名词或代词,那么that 可以用which(指物)或who 、whom (指人)代替。本题中强调的是一职位,因此可用which 代替that,C 即为正确选择2016年同等学力申硕英语模拟题及答案同等学历。

  13. 答案:A

  解析:fifty dollars 虽为复数形式,但它被视作一个整体,即一笔钱,因此,谓语动词应是单数形式。因此排除B,得出A 为正确选择。C 和D 均不合题意

  14. 答案:B

  解析:and 并列两个名词,如只有一个限定词或没有限定词,它们常常表示一个概念。truth and honesty 虽为两个单词,但表示一个概念,因此谓语动词用单数,A 由此可排除。C 和D 亦可轻易排除。题意为:真诚总是上策。

  15. 答案:C

  解析:在find sth. done 句型中,过去分词作后置定语。




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